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Daryl Buchanan - Accredited PV Installer & Designer

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Rising Sun Electrics provides quality services for everything to do with your solar power system including:

solar power system design & installation - keep it simple

A site inspection (see 'how do I get started?' below) will help determine whether a solar system will suit your circumstances and also what type of system will suit you.

To maximise your system's output we design the positioning of your system and use high quality systems. By using Rising Sun Electrics you can be assured that you will be provided with the latest high quality information, advice, design and workmanship.

"Not only are you choosing environmental technology, but also a long term source of revenue. This is why you need to make the right choice when buying your solar power system. The right system in the right conditions."

Some factors in choosing a solar power system can include:

solar panel inspections, maintenance and cleaning

Cleaning, inspection and maintenance service of your solar system by a professional solar accredited Designer/Installer, 'A' grade electrical contractor and Accredited Master Electrician. We use filtered water to take out all impurities, leaving 100% pure water, leaving a cleaner surface than using just tap water.

Prices from $6 per panel. Ring for an over the phone quote or email us stating the size of your system, type of roof and pitch and height of system.

Don't neglect your solar system! We've recently even seen a few systems with moss on the panels as shown in the picture below! Don't let your system be out of sight out of mind.

look at the moss on these solar panels!

how do I get started?

Contact us for further information or to assist with any questions.

If you are obtaining several quotes, be sure to contact us for a quotation.